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Assyrian American Christian School: 2005-2006 Year in Review

Written by Peter Mokhatas English/History Instructor   

05-06_school_year__st._marys_2.jpgOn June 9, 2006, at 11:45 am, the Assyrian American Christian School concluded its first triumphant year of operation with the joyous dismissal of its students for summer vacation.  The days that filled the time from the first day of school to the last instilled everlasting memories into the hearts and minds of everyone honored enough to have been involved.  Accompanying these cherished memories are the worthwhile and significant academic contributions the school has made to the minds of our youth.

The academic goal of the Assyrian American Christian School is to pass information and knowledge to students from a position of instructive erudition, and to demonstrate secure and ceaseless guidance with which to apply that information and knowledge to all aspects of life.  All of the school’s endeavors in this past year have been aimed at achieving this lofty goal, and Assyrians the world over should rejoice in its many successes.

05-06_school_year__st._marys_543.jpgThe Assyrian American Christian School delivered on its promise to reach students on an individual basis.  With an unparalleled student-teacher ratio, teachers treated students as unique vessels worthy of the attainment of knowledge, rather than as autonomous beings temporarily occupying a seat until the next round of students come along.  Each and every student at AACS ended the school year with a greater understanding of core concepts than they had when they began.  They improved in areas such as reading, writing, comprehension, critical thinking, and research, just to name a few.  Most importantly, this information will remain embedded in their minds due to a continuation of individualized attention and instruction that is simply unattainable at any other academic institution.

The young men and women of the Assyrian American Christian School have taken their first steps toward continuation of the immensely rich history and tradition of the great Assyrian people.  The 2005-2006 school year provided them with invaluable academic experiences that are building the foundation for future success.  They have grown in body and mind, and are transforming into learned scholars, armed with an honorable education that could not have been achieved anywhere else.

05-06_school_year__st._marys_44.jpgNone of these accomplishments would have been possible if not for the gifts bestowed upon today’s Assyrians by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The Assyrian American Christian School is a Christ-centered educational institution, under the auspices of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East.  Everything that takes place within its doors does so under the hallowed eyes of God, in the name of serving and pleasing Him.  The school is also deeply rooted in the long and storied history of the Assyrian people.  Assyrians began spreading the word of Christ in the immediate aftermath of His ascension, and in doing so, have faced great persecution and endured several attempts at complete genocide.  Throughout it all, the Assyrian name has endured, and the Aramaic language, spoken by Jesus Christ Himself, is taught as part of the school’s curriculum.

The Assyrian American Christian School is eminently proud to be the first Assyrian school in the entire United States.  The AACS recognizes this profound responsibility and has acted accordingly in executing it.  In the near future, Assyrian students across the nation will be joined in a communal brotherhood with the students of the AACS.  The academic undertaking of this past year has laid the groundwork for an incredibly bright future, and through the grace of God, will provide Assyrians with many more schools and similar educational opportunities.


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