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St Mary's Picnic

End of the year Picnic / St Mary's Picnic 
Sunday August 17th
at Gates Canyon Park, Calabasas
Address: 25801 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Calabasas, CA 91302

Don't miss Holy Mass Followed by Doukhrana d Mart Maryam on Friday August 15th at St Mary's Parish, Tarzana



August 2014

Wednesday August 6th - Eada d Gelyana d Maran Holy Mass at 10:00am

Thursday August 7th -  Assyrian Martyr Day

Holy Mass at St Mary’s Parish @5:00pm followed by a Special Ceremony at Assyrian American Association, North Hollywood

Friday August 15th - Holy Mass at 6:30pm followed by DOUKHRANA d MART MARYAM

Sunday August 17th - Church PICNIC at Gates Canyon Park, Calabasas 1:00-7:00pm

Address: 25801 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Calabasas, CA 91302


Fasting & Praying for Peace – Iraq & World

The fast of the Virgin Saint Mary, which is 15 days long, begins on the first day of August. It ends on the fifteenth day of the month, when we join the Holy Mass followed by Doukhrana.
Response to the request from Father George to pray & fast for peace, all parishioners will fast & pray August 1-15
May the blessings of these days be with us all. Amen.
Wednesday August 6th - Eada d Gelyana d Maran Holy Mass at 10:00am
Thursday August 7th -  Assyrian Martyr Day
Holy Mass at 5:00pm @ St Mary's Parish  Followed by a special ceremony at AAASC, North Hollywood
Friday August 15th - Holy Eucharist @6:30 Followed by Doukhrana d' MART MARYAM

The Fast of St. Mary

My dear St. Mary's Assyrian Church Parishioners,
Prayers and Blessings receive.
Friday August 1st is the beginning of the fourteen day fast (Known as the fast of St. Mary). We observe this fast annually ending it on the fifteenth of August, which is the day we commemorate the passing of the beloved Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. St. Mary is the The Patron St. of our parish, our beloved Mart Maryam, and I know she holds a special place in every parishioner's heart and I believe we as a parish are always are in her prayers.
This year I am not only asking, but begging each and every one of you, to join us in this fast (Sawma), dedicating it to our persecuted brothers and sisters in the homeland. Let us all fast and pray for peace for everyone in the world and especially in the Middle-East.
Thank you and God help us all.
His servant,
Fr. George Bet-Rasho
Cor-Bishop, L.A. California.


Mosul Appeal Project Update

Another Assyrian Christian Tragedy Unfolds

ACERO has responded rapidly and begun to reach many families fleeing Mosul and the surrounding areas, who have sought refuge within local churches.

With the assistance of local ACERO chapter members on the ground, important work has already begun to assist those in immediate need, including Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriac Orthodox and Catholic and Arabs affected by the ongoing turmoil.

ACERO chapter members and partners on the ground report that “they are arriving with the clothes on their backs … they do not even have bags”.

The International Organisation for Migration has estimated that 500,000 residents of Mosul have already fled Iraq’s second-city.

ACERO’s Response

  • Financial aid reached the area within an hour of the reports coming in;
  • The school classroom (within ACERO’s Dohuk Housing Complex) has been converted into temporary shelter for displaced families;
  • Local church parishes have set up food distribution points, as the supplies begin to become sparse; and,
  • A priest’s home has been vacated to allow families to use the facilities for shelter.

ACERO’s Trustees are receiving constant updates on the situation in order to ensure the level of assistance provided meets the requirements and is immediate.

ACERO’s Current Requirements

  • 2000 food baskets consisting of: rice, flour, oil, sugar, tea, soaps, drinking water, corned beef and pasta. This food basket costs $50 USD
  • 2 water tankers which can distribute at least 10,000 litres of clean drinking water. The cost of these tankers is $40,000 USD for near to new models
  • 2 water tanks to store water, and 2 electric generators

How Can You Help?

Your generous support will help ACERO to continue providing direct aid and relief to displaced residents of Mosul and the surrounding Nineveh region. Please show your support and concern by making an urgent contribution securely  in your preferred currency.

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