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February 2012

The decision to hire the project contractor from our community has paid off and the construction is moving forward.  As it was reported, the contractor has had to deal with a variety of issues and has had to adapt to the ongoing needs of the Church as well as community activities.  With all that has been going on, the construction committee is pleased to report that phase I shell construction is near completion.  This includes the foundation, slab and rough framing, roof and window installation.  Additionally, fire protection, electrical, plumbing and heating and air conditioning are moving forward at a steady pace without hindering the daily activities of the Church.

While the threat of rain did pose some serious concern, we have been blessed with Southern California sunshine and we were able to complete the roof and protect the site from any future threats of rain!  This was a major accomplishment for the construction team and we are pleased to announce that this phase of construction was completed within the approved budget and minimum change orders were incorporated to create a more geometric design.  Minor modifications were  made to the entrance to allow for a larger candle room, and to create balance on the mezzanine with the cry and control rooms.

Fast tracking of phase II construction and finish work on phase I is expected during the next month.  This includes drywall, stucco, and finished floors.  We are looking forward to finalizing the negotiation of the next stage of the project including the purchasing of the furniture and the finish products.  Once we receive Board approval, we can also move forward with ordering the pews, stained glass windows, and the dome.

The construction committee wants to thank everyone in the community who has come forward to work on this great endeavor.   The support from the Assyrian community has been incredible.  All aspects of this project have been undertaken and completed by Assryians, from the architectural design team to the contractors and suppliers.   Construction meetings are spoken in our language and there is such a great sense of pride in knowing that as a team we are building a Church for the future of our Assyrian community.

If anyone is interested in getting a tour of the construction site, please contact Nancy in the Church office to set up an appointment with the site manager.

Thank you for putting your trust in me and making me a proud member of this project.

God Bless,

Robert Yalda, Volunteer Project Manager


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