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Chapter 3 - About Father, The First Qnuma of Holy Trinity

  • 25. Q. What is the name of the first Qnuma of Holy Trinity?
    A. God, the Father.
  • 26. Q Why is He called by that name?
    A. He is called so for He is the Father of Jesus Christ our Lord and God.
  • 27. Q. How is this?
    A. The Son was born of Him, before the world, without a beginning.
  • 28. Q. Did the Father exist before the Son and is He greater than Him?
    A. Among men it is so, but not so with God.
  • 29. Q. How could it be thus ?
    A. Because Father, Son and Holy Spirit are
    without beginning and the Three together are one God.
  • 30. Q. State an example to show this ?
    A. Take the example of the sun itself. There are light and heat with the matter.
  • 31. Is there any evidence of this in the Holy Bible?
    A. Many. "I and my Father are one." Besides
    this, Christ again says, "Believest thou not
    that I am in the Father and the Father in Me." (John 10:30, 14:10).
  • 32. Q. Is God the Father only, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ?
    A. No; in a way He is the Father of all men, and especially of Christians.
  • 33. Q. How is this?
    A. He re the Creator of all men (Mala. 2:10),
    but Christiana are born of God by Holy Baptisn (Gala. 4:5, 7}.
  • 34. Q. By what designation is God known in the Creed?
    A. Father Almighty.
  • 35. Q. If so, Are not Son and Holy Spirit Almighties?
    A. Yes. All Three are equal and each One is Almighty.
  • 36. Q. What other designation is there in the Creed for God?
    A. "Maker of all things visible and invisible."
  • 37. Q. Tell the names of some of the'invisible creations of God?
    A. The good angels, the souls of men and satan who is the evil spirit.
  • 38. Q. Say some of the visible ones?
    A. The world, men, beast, etc.
  • 39. Q. ls God completely good?
    A. Yes. God is completely good.
  • 40. Q. Are all the creations good?
    A. No. Many from the Angels became bad. All men are sinners.
  • 41. Q. How did these Angela become wicked?
    A. They became proud and revolted against God
    and tried to become His equals. It is because
    of this the Holy Bible warns us* that we
    should not self exalt ourselves and fall like
    Satan. (Luke 18:14; I Thim. 3:6, etc. )†
  • *The name SATANA (Satan) is a compound noun constructed from
    the aramaic verb "L'MISTA" which means to go astray.
  • † The angels lived in heaven in all pomp and glory and were
    ignorant of their origin. When they heird the sound of the order
    "Let there be light" (Gen. 1:3) which Moses, the foremost
    among the prophets, has recorded in his Book of Creation, as
    inspired by the Holy Spirit, they thought that, as they were light
    (Psl. 104:4, Heb. 1:7 ), the one who issued that order "Let
    there be light" must be the One who created them. Accordingly,
    they began to worship Him.
  • 42. Q. Were all the creations good at first?
    A. All were good when God created them (Gen. 1: 31).
    But after this, some from the creation
    of their own free will became bad (Jude 6).
  • 43. Q. Whom did God create before; everything?
    A. He created the angels.
  • 44. Q. Are the angels possessed of bodies?
    A. No, they have no body.
  • 45. Q. What does the Bible say of them?
    A. It says, “He maketh His angels spirits; His
    ministers a flaming fire" (Heb. 1:7; Psl 104:4).
  • 46. Q. Are there many angels?
    A. Yes. There are.
  • 47. Q. Has the Bible said anything about their number?
    A. Yes. They are described as 'thousand thousands and
    ten thousand ten thousands' (Dan. 7:10 etc. ).
  • 48. Q. Are there only so much?
    A. No. This is the usual expression in Bible to denote a great number.
  • 49. Q. Into how many groups arc these innumerable hoats of heaven divided?
    A. They are divided into nine groups.
  • 50. Q. Can you give the names of all these nine groups ?
    A. Yes. (1) Krowy (Cherubim), • (2) Srapy (Seraphim ), (3) Motwy ( Thrones ),
    (4) Khayly (Hosts), (5) Shultany (Dominions), (6) Marawatha (Powers),
    (7) Arcos (Principalities), (8) Rabbai Malakhy (Arch angel), ( 9 ) Malakhy (Angels).
  • 51. Q. With what have these groups beeen
    identified by the Fathers of the Church?
    A. They have been identified with the nine
    orders of the priest- hood of the true Church.
    (We may learn more of this in the 8th chapter).
  • 52. Q. What. do the angels do?
    A. They adore and serve God without ceasing.
  • 53. Q. What do they do to men?
    A. They help men and often let them know the will of God.
  • 54. Q. If so, do they not belong to the servant class?
    A. No. It is not as we men understand “the
    servant class." But it is written of them
    "Are they not all. ministering spirits sent
    forth in the service of those who shall inherit
    life everlasting” (Heb. 1:14).
  • 55. Q. In what ways are they ministering spirits?
    A. They are ministering spirits in various ways; the most important of them are:
    1. They submit the prayers of saints before God. (Rev, 8:3, 4).
    2. They escort (carry) the souls of dead believers to Paradise (Luke 16:22).
    3. They will be reapers on the Judgement Day (Matt. 13:39).
  • 56. Q. Can you give the names of some people who had been helped by the angels?
    A. Yes. I can say. Though our Lord Jesus Christ was full God and full man He was
    helped at the time of trouble ( Matt. 4:11, Luke 22:43).
  • 57. Q. Anybody else?
    A. Yes. Little children like ourselves are helped by angels (Matt. 18:10).
  • 58. Q. Has any of the adult people received help from them?
    A. Yes. Even Simo Peter (Acts. 12:7).
  • 59. Q. Can you mention the names of some people
    to whom the angels made known the will of God?
    A. Yes; 1. Abraham (Gen. 12:1, 2; 17:2,8; 22:11,. 12).
    2. The mother of Samson (Jud. 13:3-5).
    3. Zacharia, the father of John the Baptist (Luke 1:11-20).
    4. The Blessed Virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-38).
  • 60. Q. Why did God create you?
    A. God created me that I may love Him for
    ever, to Serve Him, to minister unto Him and to worship Him.

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