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Chapter 5 - Concerning Adam, the First Man

  • 86. Q. Who is the, father of our human race?
    A. Adam, the first man, he is the father of human race.
  • 87. Q. Who created him, God the Creator of all?
    A. Yes, God the Creator of all created all things,
    and He also created Adam, father of our race.
  • 88. Q. Was Adam also created in the manner that
    the animal kingdom was created?
    A. No, animals were formed from natural elements,
    namely, earth, water, air and fire, but by
    God's command (Gen. 1. 20-24). But Adam,
    He created in His own image (Gen. 3:27).
  • 89. Q. Since Adam was created in God's image, does
    it mean that God has the appearance, image and human limbs?
    A. No, for since God is living Spirit, invisible
    and intangible, he has nothing in common
    physically with man.
  • 90 Q. Then why do the Scriptures say that God
    created him, in His own image, since God
    is Spirit, invisible and intangible, while man
    is corporeal, visible and tangible?
    A. As afore-stated, God is one nature in three
    qnume, in this symbol of the Holy Trinity,
    God created Adam, namely, human nature
    with three distinct attributes, that is, mind,
    speech and life. In these three attributes man
    is the image of God and God is like man.
  • 91. Q. Then is it a fact that Adam was created
    differently from animals?
    A. Yes, Adam in the attributes of life was
    created like an angel, namely, with an
    immortal soul (Matt. 10:23). But his body
    was mortal, for he is earth and unto earth
    will he return (Gen. 3 :19).
  • 92. Q. Where was Adam created, in what country and what place ?
    A. He was created, in Eden:- "God planted
    a garden in Eden and placed Adam whom he
    formed (moulded) in that paradise (Gen. 2:8).
    And He commanded him to rule over all the animals" (Gen. 1:25-28).
  • 93. Q. Then God gave Adam authority to rule over
    all His other earthly creatures?
    A. Yes, but on the condition that he would not
    fall into sin of pride as did a class of angels
    who aspired to become equal with God, their
    Creator, and, therefore, fell from their glory
    and became satan. Therefore, God placed Adam
    under law, so that he may not presume there
    was none else above him, and forget his Creator.
  • 94. Q. What law did God decree to Adam?
    A. God the Creator from the very beginning
    placed His creation under natural law, to
    know, to love and to respect Him from all
    their heart and all their mind, and in like
    manner, He placed Adam under the same law,
    so that he may not err and forget God, his Creator.
  • 95. Q. What law did God decree to Adam?
    A. A very simple law, namely, He commanded him
    to eat of all the fruit-bearing trees in paradise,
    but not to eat; of'the tree: of knowledge
    of good and evil (Gen, 2:17).
  • 96. Q. Did Adam observe the command?
    A. No, his wife Eve first ate, of the fruit and
    she made Adam also eat thereof (Gen. 3:6-13).
  • 97.Q. What punishment did God decree to Adam
    for disobeying His command?
    A. In breaking God's command Adam committed
    sin, and the decree was death to him and to
    his descendants. He was expelled from paradise,
    for since he had sinned he could not
    remain in that holy place.
  • 98. Q. Did Adam also harden His heart against God as did satan?
    A. No Adam confessed his sin, and repented
    with r sorrow saying: “The woman whom you
    gave to be with me, she gave of the
    fruit of the tree, and I did eat” (Gen. 3:12.).
  • 99. Q. Does that mean that though Adam confessed
    and reptented his sin, yet God did not forgive him?'
    A. No, God is the source of mercy and is
    always willing to listen to a true repentant
    and to forgive his offences and his sins, He,
    therefore, in His goodness and great mercies
    promised redemption and forgiveness to the
    deseendants of Adam by the dispensation of
    the second Adam, his son in the flesh.
  • 100. Q. Who is the second Adam by whom God
    promised to effect this foi'giveness and salva-
    tion for the children of Adam?
    A. The second Adam is Christ, the Son of God
    as it is written: "For the law was weak
    through the weakness of the flesh, so God
    sent His Son in the likeness of sinful flesh,
    in order to condemn sin by means, of His
    flesh (Romans 8:3.), and (He) abolished in
    his flesh the enemity (sin).....(Ephe. 2:15).
  • 101. Q. Where from did the Word of God take
    flesh whereby He suffered sorrow and death
    for the salvation of the race of the first Adam?
    A. He took it from the race of, the first Adam,
    namely, from the Virgin Mary, the daughter
    of David and daughter of Abraham, and
    by the power of the Holy Spirit, man was
    moulded in the bosom of the Virgin Mary,
    and the Word of God dwelt in and united
    with man which was in the flesh and there-
    by suffered; death for the salvation of mankind.
  • 102. Q, Does that mean that the Word of God
    which is the Son of God, the Father was
    sent for the salvation of Adam and his
    descendants from the sin committed in
    breaking the first command of God?
    A. Yes, by the first Adam we became mortals,
    and by the “last Adam a quickening spirit"
    (I. Cor. 15:45). And as we have put on the
    likeness of him who was from the earth,
    likewise we shall put on the likeness of Him
    who was from heaven (I. Cor. 15:49). In the
    words of St. John the Apostle: "He who
    believes in the Son has life, and he who
    shall not obey the Son shall not see life,
    but the wrath of God shall remain on him" (John 3:36).
  • 103. Q. Does this, then mean that by M'shikha
    (Messiah) the last Adam, the children of the
    first Adam obtained eternal life?
    A. Yes, Christ said: "I have come that they
    might have life, and have it abundantly"
    (John 10:10). He also promised us inheri-
    tance in the kingdom of God, His Father
    (John 1:12; Gal. 4:5-8; Born. 8:15-17).

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