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Chapter 2 - About Holy Trinity

  • 13. Q. How many Gods are there?
    A. There is only one God.
  • 14. Q. Can you recite a verse in proof of this ?
    A. Yes. "Hear, Oh Israel! the Lord our God is
    one Lord." (Deuter. 6:4, 5; Mark 12:29, 30)
  • 15. Q. What is another name of God?
    A. It is " Holy Trinity. "
  • 16. Q. How many qnumy are there in this Holy Trinity ?
    A. Three. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • 17. Q. If so, are there not three Gods?
    A. No, there is only one God. But this is a great
    mystery which we cannot understand or penetrate at present;
    but which will be revealed afterwards.
  • 18. Q. Are these three qnumy of the Holy Trinity equal?
    A. Yes. They are all equal in might, power and
    glory (Isa. 6:3), because they are only one
    single God. All of them are from the first
    and without a beginning (Psl. 90:2).
  • 19. Q. Do these three qnumy command anything
    which collides or contradicts one another?
    A. No, because they are not three Gods. Being
    only one God there is only one will. There-
    fore, there is no room for a collision or
    contradiction between their orders.
  • 20. Q. Do you believe " one God in three" and "Three in one?"
    A. Yes.
  • 21. Q. Is there any example to prove this?
    A. Yes. There are many.

    22. Q. Give one with proof?
    A. Sun. It has matter, light and heat; but it
    is only one sun.
  • 23. Q. What is another name of God?
    A. Jehova.
  • 24. Q. What is the meaning of the word 'Jehova'?
    A. "The giver", i. e., "a liberal giver".

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