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We, the Youth Ministry Association of the Assyrian Church of the East, give glory to God for a successful and spiritually fruitful Youth Conference 2006 just completed, being convened from June 30 to July 4, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.  The theme of this year was ‘Revolution’ (Quyama)—indicating the inner, spiritual renewal and conversion to which all the Youth of the Church were called to be engaged in. The Youth further give the Lord thanks for the blessing of His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV, Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, who gave permission to conduct such a gathering of the Church’s Youth.  


The Holy Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ for the Year 2006

Written by His Holiness Mar Dinkha IV   
{mosimage} Our Beloved Brothers in the Lord, Pious Prelates; Spiritual Sons, the Priests; and chosen Deacons; and all the Sons and Daughters of the Holy Church and the Assyrian Nation, Fellow Christians

 Prayers and Blessings Receive: 

During this Holy Week, we are celebrating the Great Feast of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, raised from among the dead.  He broke the doors of Sheol through His raising again of His Holy Body; and, He seized and destroyed the power of death giving to us new life; renewing all of creation.  Through His Holy Resurrection He has brought to life those who had died raising the whole nature of mortal man.  He proclaimed renewal to all humankind, especially to those who believe in His Name: Jesus Christ; He has given to us joy in the knowledge in His resurrection.

Through His gifts of life, He has given or provided hope, destroying the awesome power of the human fear of death.   He has lifted the saddened countenance of humankind by the glorious and victorious resurrection filling the human heart (and soul) with great joy!!  Glory be to God who has given to sin weakened humankind His Son to be crucified in our behalf!!  The terror of the crucifixion brought the renewal and the redemption to the masses of humankind, leading them toward the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

 His hidden Divine Power which is in The Cross; our Lord Jesus becomes for us, The source of our Great Salvation.  So, therefore, we extend joyful greeting to the Sons and Daughters of The Holy Church, and to all our fellow Christian brothers and sisters; beseeching the blessing to and for you all.


The Apostolic Origins of the Assyrian Church of the East

Written by Fr. David ROYEL   

{mosimage} In manuals of church history written thus far, the Christian Church has been hitherto divided into two fundamental parts, namely, East and West – Orthodox East and Latin West, that is. However, this in fact does not do justice to the glories of the Eastern portion of the Church of Christ, which has been basically characterized as and wholly identified with the ‘Eastern Orthodox’ and has been identified with the Greek-speaking Church. The recent film which all of us, or most of us, witnessed during the Easter season was the Passion of the Christ, produced by Mel Gibson. The importance of this film, no matter what one may think of its content or script, was the fact that it made use of the original languages of that age which made the film more unique, and it brought forth a rejuvenated interest in the language of our Lord – which is still used to this very day in the form of its daughter-language known as Syriac – a language utilized to this very day by one of the more glorious of the ancient eastern Churches of yester-year – the Assyrian Church of the East.

The origins of the Church of the East, variously known as the ‘Assyrian Church,’ ‘Church of Persia,’ ‘Nestorian Church’ etc. may be news to other Christians at large. The history of the expansion of Christianity from the Holy City (Jerusalem) westward is commonly known and well-chronicled. However, it is the spread of the Gospel eastward and particularly to the other parts of the Near East that is not so well-acquainted with. It is the humble aim of this brief outline to expose the history of the apostolic foundation of this once-glorious Church, and to whet the appetite of church historians, and especially that of the children of this once-glorious and most missionary-minded of all the Churches of Asia.


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