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AdBook 2011

Written by Josephine Minas   

St. Mary's Parish invites you to participate in our exciting Ad Book. We're asking you to support the Assyrian Festival by purchasing a Personal or Business Ad in our Sponsor Book.

We are excited to offer you our Sponsor Book, which will be distributed during our Food festival in May 2011 to more than a thousand people.

Personal Ads: Write a Personal Message to your child, parents, relatives, Business Professional...

If you have a favorite picture of your family, parents, relatives or Church (we have pictures of Assyrian Churches in Iran & Iraq),  a personal page would be perfect way to share the picture as well as the memory. The Personal Ad page is $100.

Business Ads: Take advantage of an excellent opportunity to promote your business or profession to the community. In addition your ad will also be placed on the Church website for 6 months FREE and may be viewed from any computer with an Internet connection.

Business Ads fees: 1/4 page $75
1/2 page $150
Full page $250 Black & White
Full page $500 Color
Back Page $750
Inside covers $500

Please order your ad today! The sooner you purchase it the sooner it will be viewable on our site. The final day to place an ad is March 20, 2011.

Credit card payment: (818) 943-9466

Make checks payable to Assyrian Church of the East.

Thank you for your support.


Happy New Year

Written by Emil Darmo   

A New Year With The Lord

A new year is about to unfold
With new opportunities to explore
Doors will open for new experiences
New adventures with the Lord

Remember not the former things
The things of this past year
The Lord will do new things in us
Much more than we are aware

For He will make a way for us
As we put our trust in Him
And He will guide our every step
By His presence we have within

What God has placed within our hearts
We find we’ll be able to do
If we look for the opportunities
We’ll see the door to go through

We mustn’t let anything hold us back
But rise up and take our place
And be all that God wants us to be
With a fresh touch of His grace

Happy New Year!


Community Partnerships

Written by Emil Darmo   

Community Partnerships:

Did you know just your regular shopping can earn money for our Church.  All you need to do is register your savings card number and you’ve made a huge different in our fundraising. Check out the details below.        For more information, visit StMaryAssyrianChurch.com  or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Ralphs Community Program:

Earn money for our Church just by using your Ralphs card while shopping. Once you create the account,  click on Edit Community Contribution and input your Ralph’s Reward Number. Pick St. Mary Assyrian Church  or enter 92206.

Once you confirm you will see St. Mary Assyrian Church on the right side of your information page. If you do not have your card number, please call 1-800-660-9003

You must re-enroll each year as the program is evaluated each year.


Go to escrip.com Click on Renew your Commitment to register your Pavilion’s/Von’s card and/or Macy’s credit card and contribute to St. Mary Assyrian Church, ID# 166448756. If you do not have your card number, please call 1-877-723-3929


Thank You For All That You Do



Written by Emil Darmo   


 Please Download the Registration Form: pdf registration_form 19/05/2010,03:41 27.01 Kb



9th. Annual Assyrian Festival



Fire can't destroy culture's spirit


The Assyrian Festival and Carnival shows off one more cultural feature than usual this year, on top of the traditional food, language, art, music and dance.

The ninth annual Assyrian street fair in Tarzana also displays this Middle Eastern Christian community's often-tested resiliency.

The event Saturday and today is taking place on a three-block stretch of Lindley Avenue in front of the fenced-off vacant lot where St. Mary's Assyrian Church of the East used to stand. The church burned down in October, though its school was spared. After fears of arson, the fire was determined to be accidental.

"I thought we'd lost everything," Father George Bet-Rasho, the church's leader, said Saturday afternoon as the church-sponsored festival got under way. "But that night, when I saw the people clinging together, I said, `The building is not the church. The people are the church."'

The church membership of about 1,000 families has been holding services in an adjacent banquet hall. A $4 million rebuilding project is scheduled to begin in mid-May. Consecration is expected in August 2011.

"We've been resurrected," Bet-Rasho said of the church, which moved to Tarzana from North Hollywood 13 years ago.

Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine said he drove to the scene the evening of the fire and remembers seeing the priest and church members in tears as the Assyrian community's main gathering spot lay in ruins.



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