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The Fast of St. Mary

Written by Josephine Minas   

My dear St. Mary's Assyrian Church Parishioners,
Prayers and Blessings receive.
Friday August 1st is the beginning of the fourteen day fast (Known as the fast of St. Mary). We observe this fast annually ending it on the fifteenth of August, which is the day we commemorate the passing of the beloved Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. St. Mary is the The Patron St. of our parish, our beloved Mart Maryam, and I know she holds a special place in every parishioner's heart and I believe we as a parish are always are in her prayers.
This year I am not only asking, but begging each and every one of you, to join us in this fast (Sawma), dedicating it to our persecuted brothers and sisters in the homeland. Let us all fast and pray for peace for everyone in the world and especially in the Middle-East.
Thank you and God help us all.
His servant,
Fr. George Bet-Rasho
Cor-Bishop, L.A. California.


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